Red Box Media works in Broadcast and non-Broadcast. We make features and documentaries for broadcasters, we produce videos for the corporate world – that includes training and commercial videos.

We also provide crews and equipment and we media-train organisations and individuals to polish their performance on camera and before the microphone.We also provide a public relations function, advising you how to get the best out of, and how to capture media opportunities.


A large part of our business is broadcast. We make programmes from documentaries to entertainment programmes for local and international consumption. We also provide video footage for the broadcasters, some of this can be for you the client. If the media is too busy to come to you, let us film your story and bring it to the media!


We use our skills as programme makers in the commercial and corporate world. Many clients have benefited from our well crafted productions, produced and directed by professional Broadcasters, shot on broadcast full sized cameras. We have a huge portfolio of companies who were delighted with the results of our labours. Let us quote you. For you, the client, not only do you get a professional film to show at events, you have DVDs, files for your computer and uploads to the internet for a presence on Youtube or Vimeo where the world is watching.